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Foundations: Love God

Learn how to live and grow as a disciple who makes disciples! In this 9-lesson course, you will discover the what, why, and how of following Jesus, starting with the disciplines that help us to love and experience God.

About this course

What does it mean to ‘love God?’ Does God really care how we love Him? He does. God provides many ways for us to connect with Him and for us to experience the love and kindness He wants to offer us in return. Learn more about how to love God based on three building blocks of discipleship—prayer, scripture, and baptism—and begin to experience God in life-changing ways.

Things you’ll learn

  • God’s mission and how to be a part of it
  • Tools for being real about your beauty and brokenness
  • Tips for prayer, memorizing scripture, and meditation
  • The practice of fasting
  • What baptism is all about

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What to expect

📖 9 Lessons
▶️ 2 Hours of video
🗣 Discussion questions
🖨️ Printable tools
📚 Additional resources
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