How should I read the Bible?

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Beginning the habit of reading the Bible can sometimes feel overwhelming or intimidating. Claude walks us through a simple process on how to break down scripture so that you can build the habit of not just reading scripture but actually memorizing it and gaining a deeper understanding of God along the way.

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Step Three: (optional) Check out any of the additional Resources on this topic! Download the REAL Bible Study Method bookmark, check out the Study Method worksheet, watch the Reading the Bible Doesn’t Have to Be Hard and The Bible is Offensive video clips!

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About The Resources:

Work It Out Questions (PDF): Questions for you to work through individually or in a group

REAL Bible Study Method Bookmark (PDF): The REAL Study Method is a helpful and simple tool to use when reading and studying the Bible. Easily find where you left off in your Bible, and keep this handy study tool nearby!

Study Method Worksheet (PDF): This worksheet outlines the steps of doing Inductive Bible study and also provides key definitions from the lesson.

Reading the Bible Doesn’t Have to Be Hard (Video Clip): If you’ve read Harry Potter, you can read the Bible. In this clip, Claude discusses creative and practical ways to interact with God’s Word.

The Bible is Offensive (Video Clip): We read the Bible until the Bible reads us. Pastor Jeff Whye shares how reading our Bible should challenge us.