How do I pray?

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Prayer is about asking God to align our head and heart with His will and accepting his invitation to partner with him. When we pray, we pour out our hearts to God in humble gratitude in order to experience the abundant life that God promises. In this lesson, Erik outlines what Jesus says about prayer, as shown in Matthew 6:9.

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About The Resources:

Work It Out Questions (PDF): Questions for you to work through individually or in a group

Prayer of Examen (PDF): Use this resource to experience a practice of deeper prayer and meditation with God. 

A Layman Looks at the Lord’s Prayer (Book): A step-by-step guide to the Lord’s prayer filled with insight and wisdom. Experience the beauty and wisdom of God through this prayer and how we might learn more about him through it.

God Help Me (Video Clip): How do we ask God for help, and is it okay to do so? Pastor Fredo Ramos talks about the prayer of petition and how we see this in the Lord’s Prayer.

A Simple Prayer (Video Clip): Did you know you can pray the Lord’s Prayer in 15 seconds? Pastor Matt Brown talks about the simple approach to prayer.