Should I get baptized?

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Baptism is a beautiful and significant Christian practice where a person symbolically dies to their old self and is raised to a new life in Jesus through full submersion in water. Brian shares how you might know when you are ready to take this next step in your faith and the celebration of this decision. 

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About The Resources:

Work It Out Questions (PDF): Questions for you to work through individually or in a group

Baptism at Sandals Church (Website): Everything you wanted to know about Baptism but were afraid to ask. You can watch a video that recaps what baptism is and sign up to take your next step! Check out the “For Kids” button to find out how to guide your child in a decision of baptism.

What is Baptism? (Website): Find out more about baptism and connect with us on the Sandals Church Growth Plan!

Change How You Introduce Yourself (Video Clip): Baptism is a picture of death over the things that hold us captive. God wants to change the way you see yourself and break the chains that hold you back from experiencing God’s real power.