Why should I give to my local church?

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Our desire to monetarily give stems from our understanding and a greater desire to be generous. In this lesson, Andrew tells us what God says about generosity and how our acts of giving bless others and God and will ultimately bless our own lives.

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About The Resources:

Work It Out Questions (PDF): Questions for you to work through individually or in a group

  • THRIVE Financial (Video Series): At Sandals Church, we want you to thrive in all areas of your life, including your finances. We have created this 7-lesson course to provide you with some tools and good practices to help you build or regain a solid financial foundation.
  • 6 Characteristics of Biblical Generosity (Video Clip): Giving and generosity is a hot topic in the church. Are we supposed to give? What does Biblical generosity look like? Pastor Claude shares his views on the 6 characteristics of Biblical generosity, and how Christians should embody them.
  • Why Generosity Matters (Short Sermon): Pastor Claude shares what generosity fills inside of us as christians, and how Christians should approach generosity and why generosity matters!