Why and how should I serve?

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The act of serving demonstrates that we are living the life of a follower of Jesus. In this lesson, Vivi tells us that our pursuit in learning to love God will result in the desire to love people and we can show our love through serving others in the Church. When we position ourselves to serve, we ultimately position ourselves to grow and become more like Jesus.

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About The Resources:

Work It Out Questions (PDF): Questions for you to work through individually or in a group
Join the Real Team (Website): Position yourself to grow and become more like Jesus by serving on the Real Team!
How to Find Your Calling in Life (Video): What is your life’s purpose? Do you know what your strengths are? Pastor Alfredo shares how you can find your gifts so you can have the impact you were made for.
Where do I start? (Video Clip): Pastor Matthew Brown talks about easy ways to jump into serving and how joining a team helps us to share God’s love with others.